I recently read an article in The Land of the Free.net and would like to share it with you. It’s not short, but it’s not really long either. Please take the time to read this.

Why do I post stuff like this? First, to educate Christians who might not know exactly how the political left really feel about them. Also, I would like truly born again Christians to realize this world is not our friend. The world does not want a palatable Christianity. They don’t want God or Christianity at all. They want to create their own god (This is called Humanism and has been around for a long time). Therefore, we should stop trying to pander to the world (or to Christians who can’t seem to part with this world or its pleasures) with ungodly, carnal, worldly, Hollywood style church services and get back to living and preaching the Word of God unreservedly and without apology. Call sin what it is and stop trying to be so stinking politically correct for fear of retribution! Be a Bible based Christian! Sprout a backbone and stand up for righteousness! I didn’t say stand up for America or Republicans or conservatism. Because even though I am all of those, God isn’t! We need to get on His side because He isn’t choosing sides! Amen and Amen!