Walking through Six Flags over Texas any month during the summer can be grueling, and keeping dehydration at bay is a priority. With the sinfully inflated cost of drinks at theme parks, one could go bankrupt trying to purchase enough waters, sodas or juices to stay hydrated. Fortunately Six Flags has provided a way for their patrons to experience brief yet refreshing respite from the blistering Texas heat. They do this not by way of a thundering waterfall to stand under or by a cold, deep pool to plunge into, but rather, by strategically dispersed misting stations throughout the park where folks can stop for a few moments and allow the fine, continuous spray to solicit oohs and aahs while chasing away the stalking heat of summer.

As I reflect on the temporary relief of those mists at Six Flags, I am reminded of the fact that it’s not always the abundant or obvious downpour of blessings from God that bring spiritual refreshing to my life. Sometimes the showers of blessings are all that is needed to help get me through a particularly trying day or week. How often has a kind word or a gentle hug from a brother or sister in Christ encouraged me? How many times did a brief text which simply said, “I prayed for you today” give me the strength to make it over the hump?

I don’t always need a torrent of God’s blessings to strengthen me. I’ve often realized the love of God through the small, seemingly insignificant things He brings my way just as much as the bigger more obvious ones.

Today, when God speaks to your heart, go ahead and share that sweet thought or kind word with someone. Be generous with your smiles and hugs today. You never know how God will use you in a small way to be a huge blessing!

I’d like to encourage you to share a few lines of how God has blessed you in big ways with small means.

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. ~ Proverbs 25:11