1 Timothy 1:19, “Holding faith and a good conscience, which some having put away concerning faith have made shipwreck…”

The Apostle Paul knew something about shipwrecks having personally experienced it himself. As he was writing this letter to the young pastor Timothy, he was reminded that the end result of leaving one’s faith and violating one’s conscience is much like a shipwreck.

This might have been his reasoning. For whatever reason (more often than not, the cause is bitterness) a person arrives at the place where they stop living by faith for God and slide back into their old way of living before they were saved. What naturally follows is the violation of the conscience, doing things they once believed were sinful when they were walking with and living for God. This life style can only create waves of destruction that toss them in every direction but the right one. When a ship is caught in a storm, too often it is at the mercy of that storm and eventually ends up crashing into shallow rocks, leaving nothing but remnants of a ship behind. How many times have we seen good, godly people throw caution into the wind only to be caught up in a storm of sin that took them in all the wrong places, eventually leaving them with a shell of a life and an utterly destroyed testimony?

This could happen to any of us. I am just a sinner saved by the wonderful grace of God. I gave Him no good reason to reach down and save me. But he did! I started well and now I want to finish well. May God help me and any of you reading this to stay the course. Let us not throw off faith and violate a good conscience before God. May God be the captain of our ship!