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With all the upheaval and unrest in the middle east in the name of religion, it’s no wonder the lost see God or religion as the road block to “peace”. True biblical New Testament Christianity does not promote or practice the barbarous beheading or savage killing of those in disagreement with its beliefs. Jesus knew the world at large would not accept his message of salvation, simply because it meant they would have to concur that they were sinners in need of a Savior. It meant they would have to acknowledge that they are accountable to a supreme being. Most people simply don’t want to accept this. However, Christ told his followers to pray for those who persecute, bless those who curse, do good to those who do evil, not to pay vengeance for vengeance. God said, “I will repay.”

These days it is hard for us American Christians to disconnect ourselves from our prejudices in order to be the Christians the Word of God calls us to be. These prejudices are deeply rooted in American pride and have found new fodder through the ridiculous two party political system we have set up in our country. If we would practice Christianity, we would realize there is no place for those prejudices to exist. The apostle Paul said in Romans 10:1, “Brethren, my hearts desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they might be saved.” Israel hated Paul and his Christ. They constantly were trying to kill him and yet he could pray for their salvation, and witness to them at every opportunity.

The solution to the Islamic problem in America is for Christians to actually live out their Christianity. Muslim people need Jesus Christ to bring revolution to their heart. True biblical Christianity will make the difference in the lives of individuals and in the society of any nation when its truths and values are adopted and practiced.