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The apostle says to put on the whole armor of God so we may stand in the evil day. What is “the evil day”? Is it just one day? Is it a 24 hour period or is it indicative of a particular period of time such as, “We live in such an evil day.”? I believe the latter is probably true. The devil doesn’t make an appointment to test, tempt, or try the Christian. As soon as the Holy Spirit takes up residence in the heart and begins to manufacture Christ in the life of a believer, the devil begins his assault. The world and the devil don’t care about religion or “churchianity”, but there is a fierce intimidation to both of them when the Spirit is given free course in a heart and life. The world takes offense at a true, God fearing, Spirit filled believer living out true righteousness by way of a holy and consecrated lifestyle. This is why we are to daily put on the whole armor of God as described in chapter six. So suit up my brothers and sisters. Every day is a day of battle for the sincere believer who is trying to live out his Christianity. Every day is “the evil day.”