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timeFor better or for worse, time leaves its tangible mark on every aspect of society, and we can stop time from passing no more than we can stop the rain from falling. It’s going to happen whether we want it to or not. But just because the rain brings a flood doesn’t mean we have to be swept away by it. And just because we can’t stop the future from becoming the present doesn’t mean we have to fall prey to a culture that is eating itself away from within with each passing decade.

 America is not exempt from the ravages of time. From a purely Christian perspective, this country is not getting better. One would have to willfully shut his eyes and plug his ears to reality in order to say or believe otherwise. We are not better morally or spiritually as a society today than we were fifty years ago, fifteen years ago, or even five years ago. We are worse. This simply cannot be denied. Pro-homosexual and anti-marriage sitcoms such as “The New Normal” and “Happily Divorced” are being aired and applauded today on prime time television. These programs evolved as a result and product of a morally declining culture. They could not find an accepting audience five years ago, but today these programs and others like them are not only accepted but embraced and protected by a society with a not-so-superficial belief that this kind of low living is ok.

 I more than halfway expect our society to erode with time. After all, which nation, in all of history, hasn’t? But, because we are in the hi-tech age, our society is crumbling at an exponential rate. And as alarming as it is that our moral fabric is quickly unraveling, it is even more disheartening that our spiritual foundation is also crumbling at break-neck speed. If time has eroded the moral fabric of our country, then why be so foolish as to think that we, as a nation, have evolved spiritually rather than devolved? Since when did time become prejudiced?

 I am aware that many Christians (even some I consider good friends) will call me an antiquated dinosaur who iswolf in sheeps clothing stuck in the past. But that’s only because they have already fallen prey to the deception of post-modern Christianity. What does that term even mean? I might not know what it means, but I know what it describes. It describes a generation who has turned their back on fundamental Christianity. I did not say “fundamentalism” because not all “fundamentalism” can be said to be fundamental Christianity either. I’m talking about a generation that has embraced a worldly and carnal philosophy regarding church, sin, salvation, worship, God, holiness, the Word of God, preaching, evangelism, discipleship, personal and ecclesiastical separation, etc. “Church” as we know it, or at least have known it in the not so distant past is rapidly becoming extinct. I truly believe this is what the Word of God calls “the falling away”, in other words, apostate Christianity. I am seeing not only friends and acquaintances, but also family and fellow pastors embracing this deceptive post-modern Christian philosophy with reckless abandon!

 Do we really think that having a “dress-down-come-as-you-are” attitude toward church attendance means we have evolved spiritually or that we have finally figured God out?  Are we so arrogant as to believe that we have finally YourBesLifeNowbeen able to get holiness right, and that the church fathers over the past two thousand years didn’t have a clue? Have we reached the pinnacle of enlightenment regarding church growth because we’ve figured out how to achieve record breaking crowds through secular marketing of the church? C’mon, do we honestly, for one second, truly believe that God is pleased with our Hollywood-type productions, laser and light shows, smoke rolling off the stage, pyro-technics display and rock concerts that we pretentiously call worship on Sunday morning? Are we that stupid?! Do pastors today truly believe in their heart that by stroking the self-esteem of their congregants with nothing but positive motivational messages, they are doing them a service?  Have preachers lost sight altogether of the fact that only a proper, biblical view of sin, self and God can produce a truly righteous and Godly people?  How can we prepare a people for heaven if they don’t have a biblical knowledge of the holiness of a sovereign God? How can we as preachers truly call a person a disciple if they are not progressively growing in sanctification and in the image of Christ, but rather are going to Billy Bob’s or some other dance hall and drinking establishment on Saturday night? Have we preachers become so concerned with our salaries and the bottom line that we fear to address the known sins of the big tithers? Has God become that small and man that big?

 I don’t know if we can effectively fight the future given that the future seems to become the present and then man-prayingspeeds off into history quicker than we can take it all in. But this I know; we do not have to isolate ourselves from the world in order to live a life of purity, godliness and holiness. But we do need to insulate ourselves from it. We are not to embrace carnal means and adopt unholy measures to secure membership in our churches. The salvation of the lost depends upon the sanctification of the saved. I personally do not believe God left the ministry of the gospel to us without parameters. He has given us His Word, and if we will read it and heed it, we will find the only kind of success that matters. May God grant us the good sense to wake up!