Peters visionAs I was reading from Acts chapter ten regarding Peter’s vision about the clean and unclean animals, God spoke to my heart regarding the fact that we all have a tendency to become a little prejudiced in our religion. If we aren’t careful, we can come to the haughty place in our lives where we think others are unworthy of the privilege of the gospel while we ourselves are worthy. Certain classes of people or certain ethnic groups might leave a bitter taste in our mouth and, instead of stopping to remember that we were once aliens to and enemies of the cross, we begin to believe God is seeing through our eyes or judging according to our own standards of righteousness. May God take us up on the roof top as He did Peter and give us a vision of humanity, us included, lost in sin, hopeless and helpless without the glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. May God rescue us from our own destructive pride and self-righteousness and allow us to see the world through his eyes of compassion and feel its plight as he does, with a broken and compassionate heart.