Nahum 1:7
The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.

Notice that verse 7 is sandwiched between verses which speak of God’s wrath, condemnation, and destruction. In the midst of all this vengeance, God stops for a moment and placepassover bloods a parenthetical to let us know that He knows them who are His own.

This reminded me of Israel in the days of their Egyptian captivity. Pharaoh was trying to match wits and magic against the miracles and judgments of God. Finally, after nine other horrendous plagues, God said the first born of each house would die. During this entire time of God’s dealings with Egypt, Israel was protected simply because they were His people. This time, when God was to pass over Egypt, he told the Hebrews to place the blood of the sacrifice over their door and he would pass over them. True to His word, the judgment of God crept through the land of Egypt and every home realized the justice of God except those where the blood had been applied. Those where the blood was applied experienced mercy and grace.

Brethren, we are assured in the word of God that we are not appointed unto wrath. God knows those who trust in him, and in that day of trouble, rather than being a wrathful God to be feared, He will see the blood of Christ applied to our hearts by faith, and will be our stronghold of mercy and grace.