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puppy in windThe nickname given to Corpus Christi, TX is “The Sparkling City by the Sea”. As anyone living in a coastal city knows, there is usually a prevailing wind that constantly blows from off the water. Ours isn’t too bad, generally about 12-15 mph on most days. Many days the wind picks up quite considerably. In fact, the wind can become so fierce here that a rather expensive separate wind storm insurance policy is required for all homes under contract.

Yesterday was one of those extremely windy days. Anything not nailed down in the yard was fair game for becoming a kite. The 7 ft. privacy fence in my back yard was waving back and forth like the old, historic Narrows Bridge. I was forced to clutch the steering wheel with both hands and take extra precautions as my SUV was pushed around on the highway while on my way to church. The doors were either hard to open or were whipped open, depending on which one we were opening. It was a very windy day to be sure, but not one uncharacteristic for this part of south Texas.

Of all the events I could list here regarding that windy day, the one that stands out the most in my mind is the visual lesson God painted for me through a solitary bird.

My routine on Sunday morning is to unlock doors, turn on lights, get coffee started, set out donuts and set out the signs before heading out to pick people up in the van. When I went to set out the signs, God directed my attention to a small bird trying his best to fly against the wind and make it to one particular tree. I watched him briefly and thought to myself, “Why don’t you just let the wind take you to another tree and stop fighting and wearing yourself out trying to get to that particular tree?” I was captivated as he seemed to tuck his little beak down and flap his little wings for all they were worth. I watched and noticed that from my Bird in windvantage point he seemed to be making some progress. By now, I was cheering for the bird. I wanted him to beat the odds. The winds were whipping at least 35 to 40 mph and this tiny bird, which couldn’t have weighed more than 1 lb. at the very most, was pushing forward, straining against the wall of wind around him. I continued to watch for what seemed like minutes as the bird went up then down, then flapping its wings but not moving at all, simply hovering against the wind. But, finally, the wind changed direction, or died down for just a moment, and the bird reached its destination. I was jubilant inside as I pictured in my mind’s eye a mother bird hushing and comforting her frightened little babies.

I don’t know why that bird felt such a need to find refuge from the wind in that particular tree, but God sure spoke to my heart as I thought of how often I have the tendency to allow the storms of this life blow me away from the very one in whom I can find refuge and comfort. How often God has allowed the winds of adversity to blow so that I can mount up with wings and persevere against all the wickedness and corruption and godlessness of this world by flying to Him. Being a Christian isn’t always easy and many times we must fight against what seem like unbeatable odds, but we are encouraged by God’s Word to stand strong in the power of His might. We are told to put on the armor of God that we might be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. We are told to stand. Then, when we can’t do any more than stand, stand! Eventually, the wind will die down and God will reach out and pull us in close to his heart and allow his peace and comfort to come over us like a flood.

The next time the winds pick up and I feel tempted to give in and simply ride a convenient gust to some easy place and wait out the storm, I pray that God will allow a little bird to come into view and remind me to not be weary in well doing. For in due season I will reap if I faint not.